Self-Hypnosis for Weight LossImagine Yourself Thin.

Imagine your food cravings are gone forever. Imagine feeling full and satisfied after eating smaller portions. Imagine never again eating because you are bored, or stressed, or emotional.

Through deep relaxation, our self-hypnosis sessions gently nurture healthy thoughts and behavior. Our hypnosis audios reach into your unconscious mind with powerful suggestions to make you slim and keep you slim.


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Let Your Subconscience Help You Lose Weight.

Our comprehensive weight loss hypnosis package includes 10 weight loss mp3 audio files that address the most common weight loss problems. Each recording is designed by psychologists with years of experience helping people lose weight.

Plus, each recording targets specific weight loss issues and strategies, including Think Thin, Super Slim Me, Stop Emotional Eating, Stop Binge Eating, Break Sugar Addiction, Enjoy Healthy Food, Stop Comfort Eating, Stop Boredom Eating, and Weight Loss Motivation.

How Thin People Stay Thin.

Do you wonder how some people stay thin without effort? The truth is, they think differently about food. You can think thin too.

When tempted to snack or overeat, a naturally slim person thinks about how they will feel after they’ve eaten the tempting morsel. In their imagination, they see how they will look, and they sense how they will feel if they eat the food. The result is the food loses its power to seduce them. By conditioning your mind to think thin with self-hypnosis, food will lose it power over you too.

Psychologists with years of experience helping people with weight loss designed our hypnosis audio recordings to be pleasant and highly effective. As you listen to them, your mind will be conditioned to think like a thin person.

A Note From Claire

Each time you listen to a self-hypnosis recording significant changes take place in your mind. These changes make weight loss much easier. Struggle and guilt slip away, and your instincts for healthy eating become stronger. You will soon become slimmer, fit and healthy.

The more you listen to the weight loss self-hypnosis audios, the easier it will be to reach your weight loss goals and the better you will feel about yourself. Click Here to try our full weight loss hypnosis program.

In joy,