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The Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World!

How to Lose Weight Fast.

 Here’s an easy way to lose 10 pounds or more in 7 days without starvation or pain. This weight loss program is so easy, we call it the Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World.

The foundation for the Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World is built on the research of Dr. Michael Greger, MD, and the published works of Dr. John McDougall, MD, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., and Nutritionist Jeff Novick.

It is essential that you do not starve yourself and do not work out to the point of pain or soreness. This is about loving yourself, not torturing yourself.

When you use the recommended nutritional supplements and products, you’ll find this process of losing weight pleasant and enjoyable.

Exercise is recommended, but only in moderation. Killing yourself at the gym is counterproductive and ill-advised. If you push yourself too hard, you won’t stick to the program.

Instead of torturing or depriving yourself, use this easy weight loss program to jump-start a healthy lifestyle. Let the recommended supplements and products do the work so you focus on following the program.

How to Lose Weight FastBefore we begin, it’s helpful to understand why this method works so well.

Doctor's Recommendation.

Doctors recommend that you don’t lose more than 2 or 3 pounds of fat a week. To try to lose more may cause you to lose muscle tissue and stress your liver, heart, and kidneys. However, the human body hides a lot of weight that is not fat. This program targets the hidden weight without stressing your body.

On the Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World you get rid of the hidden weight, plus a healthy amount of fat. The result is a lighter, slimmer, more energetic you in 7 days.

Because of the sugar, salt and processed foods you have consumed, your body is storing lots of water in soft tissue. Salt, sugar and food additives lock the water into your cells causing inflammation and swelling. When the water is released from the tissues of your body, you can quickly lose an inch or more from your waistline.

If you habitually eat processed foods, there is not enough fiber in your gut to move feces out of your body. Several pounds of junk can get stuck in your intestines, storing water and causing your belly to swell. With the help of nutritional supplements, you can flush the junk out and slim down within days.

It’s all in your mind.

The weight loss game is won or lost in your mind. As you begin to make changes it is natural to experience cravings, anxiety and mood swings. If you aren’t prepared when this happens, it can cause you to eat too much of the wrong foods and ruin your weight loss plans.

To help you, we’ve developed a powerful strategy for keeping you focused on losing weight and establishing a healthy lifestyle. The strategy is twofold and includes a pleasant, relaxing self-hypnosis audio combined with a calming all-natural supplement.

The Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World.

For the best results, go through the program with friends. Based on reader’s feedback, the program is much easier and fun when friends go through it together. The full details of The Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World are in the FREE ebook How to Reduce Belly Fat. To get your copy of the free eBook, put your best email address in the form at the top of this page so we know where to send it.

For 7 days, do the following:

  1. As much as possible, eliminate salt, sugar, fat, alcohol, and fast food.
  2. Eat primarily whole plant foods. Do not go hungry.
  3. Drink only water, coffee or tea. (without sugar, cream or creamer).
  4. Exercise moderately if you want. Listen to your body.
  5. Sleep at least 7 hours a night, more if you want. Again, listen to your body.
  6. Use our reader’s recommended tea and supplements to flush toxins from your body and calm your mind. Also, use our reader’s recommended audio recordings to stay relaxed and focused.

You can repeat this program as often as you like, but never push too hard or let yourself go hungry. If you do two weeks back to back, your taste buds will transform to prefer healthy foods. Once your taste buds develop a preference for healthy foods it will be a lot easier to stay slim.

If you relapse or binge, simply return to The Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World to get back on track. To learn more about The Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World, get your FREE copy of the Reduce Belly Fat eBook by completing the form at the top of this page.

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