My life changed when I attended a book festival in San Francisco. The festival was in a massive warehouse where publishers and authors rented space to promote their books. Near the main entrance, cookbook publishers had large open kitchens where celebrity chefs cooked before an audience. Nearby, famous writers autographed copies of their bestsellers.

The deeper you journeyed into the warehouse, the cheaper the rental space became. Away from the celebrity chefs and bestselling authors, smaller publishers had meager stands offering forgettable books. Beyond them, self-published authors sat behind card tables offering only a paperback or two.

In the farthest corner of the warehouse, in the cheapest space available, I met a woman sitting behind a card table offering three simple books about Zen. The woman’s eyes were focused in the middle space before her and her lips formed a pleasant smile.

I didn’t know it at the time but she was meditating.

As I came into her view, she looked up and smiled just for me. Although I have made my living with words for many years, I have no words for how it felt to be in her presence. She radiated love.

Before either of us spoke, I knew she accepted me completely. In that moment, I understood what it means to be loved. It means to be accepted.

It is my hope that through our website HighJoyHealth.com and the products we offer, I can convey love and acceptance to you. Most importantly, I hope you will discover how to love and accept yourself.

At HighJoyHealth.com, we are committed to providing the information and products you need to live a healthy and joy-filled life. Through the promotion of retail products, we are able to bring our message to the world. Every product we offer is the most affordable and effective solution we have found and has proven itself for years. All our products are tried, tested, and overwhelmingly recommended by our readers.

Good health is an inside job. I’m convinced that most of the health issues we face are because we do not accept who we are. HighJoyHealth.com is dedicated to promoting the message of self-acceptance, extraordinary self-care and the cultivation of joy.

Accepting yourself may take time. Let it begin here. Let it begin now.

In joy,