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How to Boost Your Metabolism.

Metabolism is the furnace of your body. It is the series of chemical reactions that turn the food you consume into energy your body can use. The higher your metabolism functions, the more calories you will burn. A high metabolism can also burn fat and raise your mood and energy levels.

Easy ways to boost your metabolism.

Eat Plant Protein at Every Meal.

Eating and digesting food increases your metabolism for the first few hours after a meal. This increase in metabolism following a meal is called the Thermic Effect of Food or TEF. Different foods have different TEF.

Plant protein causes the largest rise in TEF and can increase your metabolic rate by 15–30%. Carbs can raise you TEF about 10%. Fats may not raise your TEF at all.

Eating more plant protein can boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories. It will also help you eat less.

Plant protein sources include every kid’s favorite, the peanut butter sandwich (whole grain bread preferred), buckwheat, soy, beans, Ezekiel Bread, seitan, hummus, and hempseed.

How to boost metabolismDrink Water

Drink water instead of sugary drinks and sodas. Sugary drinks contribute nothing buy calories and can be addicting too.

Drinking water may also boost your metabolism. If you drink cold water, your body will burn additional calories to maintain core body temperature.

Drinking water 20 minutes before a meal will help you avoid overeating.

Add High-Intensity Workouts to Your Exercise Plan.

High-intensity interval training incorporates quick, intense bursts of activity followed by longer, slower activity.

It burns fat by increasing your metabolic rate. The increased metabolic rate continues for hours after a workout.

To boost your metabolism and burn fat, mix up your exercise routine, and add in two or three high-intensity workouts a week.

Build Muscle.

Muscles burn calories. The more muscles you have and the bigger they are, the more calories your body will burn.

Lifting weights help retain muscle and combat the reduction of metabolism that may occur during weight loss.

Lifting weights are essential for building and maintaining muscle. Higher amounts of muscle will result in a higher metabolism.

Stand up More

Most of us sit too much, and it’s bad for us. A sitting body does not burn many calories. If you work standing you, you will burn approximately 200 more calories per day then if you sat down to work.

To counter the effect sitting has on your metabolism, stand up more, take a quick walk down the hall or get a standing desk.

Drink Green Tea or Oolong Tea

Green and proprietary tea blends can increase your metabolism by 4–5%. These teas convert body fat into free fatty acids which your body can burn more efficiently.

Green tea blends are naturally low in calories help with mood swings and promote weight loss and weight management.

Sleep Well.

Sleep helps to regulate many functions within the body and us humans have evolved to sleep at night. Lack of sleep and working at night confuses the body’s metabolic cycle causing it to store fat.

When we go without adequate sleep, blood sugar levels increase, and insulin resistance also increases. Combined, these two mechanisms will eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.

To make matters worse, going without sleep raises the hunger hormone ghrelin, driving us to eat more. At the same time, lack of sleep will decrease the hormone that regulates the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Lack of sleep slows your metabolism, so you burn fewer calories and at the same time eat more.

Drink Coffee

Caffeine either in coffee or green tea stimulates the body to burn more calories.

Drinking coffee can significantly increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Avoid all fats.

Dr. John McDougall likes to remind his patients and readers that “the fat you eat is the fat you wear.”

There is an unnecessary controversy that promotes eating so-called good fats. This school of thought promotes coconut oil as a healthy fat. Coconut oil is NOT a healthy fat. It’s just fat.

The more fat you consume, the more your body will store fat. Any fat will slow your body’s metabolism and contribute to weight gain. Avoid fat and oils of any kind.

The Last Word on Boosting Your Metabolism.

Ultimately, losing weight is about making healthy habits part of your day. Trying to boost your metabolism without making lifestyle changes will not get the results you are after. Please use the above insights to make small changes in your lifestyle so healthy living becomes a permanent habit.

Getting healthy is not a one and done event. It’s a journey that never ends, and it depends on you making healthy choices throughout the day, every day.

In joy,